Tang Gang

A funk/soul collective of friends just riding the groove and having a blast for all to enjoy!

Girl on fire!

Oh, do we love ourselves some keys! We asked our keyboard player Akane to introduce herself and share her story. 


I was born in Osaka Japan.  I started taking piano lessons at the age of five and I never stopped because I loved it so much.  Before i knew it, music had become a big part of my life so naturally I wanted to keep learning in any way possible.  I seized an opportunity to learn more about music by learning to play the trumpet and joining a brass band for three years during junior high school .  

Although I knew I wanted to become a professional pianist since I was a little child, I became discouraged due to the regiment of strict and tough classical piano training. On top of that, I soon discovered how financially difficult it would be to attend a music university in Japan and my dream of a career in music started to fade. Still, I could not let myself give up on music! I decided to dedicate myself to  different styles of music.  

Upon turning 20, I moved to California to start a new life.  I attended Citrus College where I learned how to play Pop, Rock and Jazz.  This paved the way to earning a Bachelors of Music Performance with an emphasis in Jazz studies from Cal State Long Beach.

I currently teach piano and perform with various groups in LA for living.  Lately I have been writing and arranging music for my piano trio to discover another way to explore my relationship to music.   


We absolutely love having Akane as part of the Gang! We asked her what she likes about the group-

-  I enjoy not just playing but hanging out with Tang Gang because each band member is an amazing musician and has great vibes as a person!  

Even when I am having a bad day, just playing with these people makes me want to dance, which of course helps to get rid of any sort of mood that was in!